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At Astral, we aim to make our models as successful as possible. Over the years we have specialized in social media marketing & account management on various adult platforms. Most of our expertise lies in managing starting and experienced webcam models on their road to success.

Through numerous testing we have found out that in order to become a successful model in the adult industry in the long run, a proven strategic formula is required. Many models don’t have all day and lack the required knowledge to scale their online profiles to optimal profitability, resulting in undesired results and eventually quitting something that could have turned out great with the correct management tactics. Astral models get to choose how much they want to work. There are no required hours. Most successful models work part-time (20-25 hours per week) and can enjoy a free life after work. We handle the rest!

Any way you slice it, at Astral we are here for our models, no matter what it’s about. We will do everything in our power to get our Astral models to their desired success.

Don’t be afraid to apply via our model submission form found in the upper right hand corner of the page. You will be asked some basic questions, after we may contact you to take further steps and set up a successful plan that best suits you as an individual.

We look forward to getting in touch with you!

Astral Team

Our services

How we can help you

Full review of historic account performance
Categorization of information into understandable presentation
Understand where weaknesses lie and where potential exists

Dedicated account manager
Media assistants
Dedicated team
Daily media management
Fan retention
PPV + tip sales and upsell management
General monthly audits and reporting

Social media management of existing accounts
Daily reddit promotion
DM Management
Paid Promo Network & GGs

Dedicated traffic manager
Live chat support
Customer retention tactics
Special privacy shield
Great converting scripts for optimal profits
Mental support during streaming
Proven webcam strategies for ultimate success


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Do you see yourself getting started in the adult industry (or you’re already a starting model) and want a proven edge over the competition? An average Astral model earns between €7,500-€10,000 per month after the model has been optimized & scaled.

Don’t doubt yourself if you are unsure about your looks and/or don’t have any skills within this industry yet. At Astral we look at each person as a whole and therefore each submission is reviewed by hand. Please fill out the form below completely and correctly so we have the right information if we were to contact you.

7 days after application and still haven’t heard from us? This unfortunately means that we don’t think you are a good fit to work at our agency.

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